Woods Talk Festival – Music & Adventure

2011 November 12-13, Rishikesh, India

Following the concept of camping festivals as seen in most European countries, we have taken it one step further by incorporating adventure sports and hiking activities into the scheme of things. There’s a whole host of adventure sports and water sports activities that await you at the beckoning foothills. Quality alpine tents with top notch facilities and extremely sanitary conditions promise to make your stay an absolute delight while the foodies can expect numerous joys from the multi cuisine kitchen and the barbecue grills or bonfires.

All this while staying totally committed to our avowed goal of “Zero Residual Damage”. All the music and lights at the festival will be powered by renewable sources of energy, and no pollution of the site will be tolerated. All waste materials will be recycled or disposed responsibly and the management will take extra precautions to ensure that no signs of any activity remain at the end of the festival.

Camp Ganga Rivera is nestled in the pristine gorges of the river Ganga as it meanders through the hills of Rishikesh, located on a sandbank next to the mighty green Ganga which is yet to be spoilt by the many pollutants that will defile her during her sojourn through the plains. The site is surrounded by numerous trails through dense forests that lead to hidden waterfalls, unspoilt river beaches, tucked away gorges and awe inspiring locations waiting to be discovered.

Woods Talk Festival is proud to announce a lineup of artists who showcase the best of India emerging. An imaginative mix of electronica and live music, both young and experienced come together to soothe your frayed nerves with a weekend of music that can best be described as “Inspiring”. We have taken utmost care to make sure the music and the festival ethos itself, amalgates itself with the local elements, rather than create a conflict of space with the pristine surroundings.

Rafting: There is nothing quite like the ‘pure energy high’ one gets from riding foaming white water rapids.
Kayaking: Gaining popularity in India, this is a one-person sport requiring a big heart & great love for the water.
Rappelling: The sport, rappelling offers great challenge and excitement for enthusiasts.
Rock Climbing: Adjacent to the rappelling face, camp has natural crags varying upto about 50ft to encourage inexperienced enthusiasts as well as overhangs and tricky spots to challenge even the seasoned climbers.
Cliff Jumping: We have cliff jumping points ranging from 5ft to about 40 ft all along by the river side at the camp.
Canyoning: Unique to the camp, the hike to the water fall is an activity that truly makes the stay at camp unforgettable.
Trekking / Hiking: The camp is surrounded by pristine forest with numerous trails and paths that one can wander about on foot.

Workshops: On Adventure sports, Music Industry Notes among the gathered artists, Theatre, Yoga and photography exhibitions by some wicked, subversive underground artists.


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